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Idea Development

Explore strengths and weaknesses, assess plausibility and feasibility for production, conduct research and market studies on the general public and target groups, and scout field experts for team assembly.

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Evaluate and refine ideas, develop prototypes, iterate through recursive product improvements, conduct testing and redefine, and perform material research and testing.

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Prepare for production by finalizing product specifications, conducting feasibility studies, and refining production plans.

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Market Calculations

Estimate production costs, perform price calculations, and optionally conduct market release tests to assess market acceptance.

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Supply Chain Management

Handle certification processes, navigate import regulations and tax considerations, and prepare custom documents for a smooth supply chain.

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Design and test packaging solutions, research suitable formats and materials, and finalize the end product packaging.

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Reevaluate based on test productions, ensure quality control, and build and facilitate the supply chain and logistics for seamless production processes.

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Market Entry

Recursively evaluate price, quality, and customer reviews. Develop marketing strategies and PR campaigns, establish sales channels, and provide excellent customer service for a successful market entry.

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Our Partner

The main partner of FEA Europe GmbH is Modus Furniture in the USA.

"Modus Furniture is a leading casegoods supplier to the home furnishings retail industry. Our differentiated, trend-forward product line is manufactured with premium materials, proprietary finishes, and added value features. With domestic distribution, vertical manufacturing, and operations on three continents, we offer programs for every retailer, from private label to domestic warehouse."
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E-Mail: info@feaeurope.com